Is your heating system always running during the winter months and does your thermostat never quite seem to reach the right temperature? Did you know replacing the windows actually can make it easier for your furnace or heat pump to heat your Boulder City, Nevada home?

Even if you have a newly installed heating and cooling system, a great deal of energy can be lost through older or poorly installed windows. This is true for both new and older homes. In fact, we often find that — in addition to maintaining and/or replacing your HVAC system — a window replacement can help to save on your energy bills. Here are some helpful tips.

3 Tips if You’re Considering a Window Replacement

Tip 1: Choose the Best Windows

Once you decide to upgrade your windows to energy-efficient ones, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with various features. Do you want the windows to be gas-filled and to have spacers? What type of glazing would you like?

A window installation professional can help you decide which features you need to obtain optimal efficiency. Gas-filled windows are especially ideal for homeowners wanting to lower their heating expenses. Windows with a low-E coating can also minimize heat loss and improve heating efficiency.

Tip 2: Improve Indoor Comfort Levels

Energy-efficient windows are known for improving indoor comfort levels. If you choose ones with a low U-factor, this means the glass on the windows stays warm even when the outside temperature is below freezing. Windows with good weatherstripping also improve indoor comfort levels by reducing drafts of cold air. As a result, they make it easier for even a brand-new heating system to heat your home.

Tip 3: Reduce Condensation

It’s not uncommon for the windows to fog up during the colder months. This condensation can cause your windows frames to rot.

With energy-efficient windows, you minimize condensation thanks to frames that are specially insulated. This insulation also makes it easier for the furnace to heat your home. As a result, you increase energy efficiency and save money on heating expenses.

Start with Your HVAC… then Worry about Your Windows

Getting energy efficient windows is only a small step to achieving a high level of energy efficiency for your home. We always recommend beginning with the largest energy-consuming equipment in your home — your HVAC system. Based on the age of your system, the quality of your system’s installation, and other factors like duct leakage, our team specializes in identifying the biggest opportunities for energy savings in your home. To learn more about Sun Country’s comprehensive heating repair, maintenance, and installation services, contact us today at 702-534-3375 to learn more.

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