Keeping your Las Vegas, Nevada, home energy-efficient is crucial during the hot summer months. The problem is you’re likely falling prey to bad energy habits that are causing your bills to skyrocket. Here are some bad energy habits you need to stop to lower your home’s energy bills:

Not Installing a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable and smart thermostats can help you limit your energy use to when you need it most. By setting the temperature higher for the times you’re away from home, you’ll be able to lower your energy bills while still maintaining a comfortable living space.

Not Maintaining Your HVAC System

A well-maintained system is an efficient one. During regular maintenance, your HVAC service technician will thoroughly clean all the components and check for any necessary repairs. They’ll also check for any limitations in airflow that can cause your system to work harder than it should. As a result, they’ll help to reduce system strain and lower the risk of you requiring a repair. They’ll also check your refrigerant levels.

Not Changing Your Filter Regularly

When your filter becomes clogged, it can inhibit airflow through the system. As a result, it can cause your AC unit to use more energy to cool your home. You should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when it comes to changing your filter. Most air filters require you to change them once every three months. If you own pets or suffer from asthma or allergies, you should change yours every month.

Closing the Supply Vents in Your Home

There’s a common misconception that closing vents in rooms you don’t use can help save energy. The truth is, your system is designed to cool a set amount of space. Closing the vents won’t make it produce less conditioned air but instead interrupt the design of the airflow.

Want to ditch the bad energy habits listed above? Contact us at 702-534-3375 today. Sun Country Heating & Cooling will schedule a maintenance appointment to help your system run more efficiently.

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