Spring and summer are two times of the year when pollen counts tend to increase. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, high pollen counts can aggravate your symptoms. A key way to reduce the pollen count inside of your Boulder City, Nevada, home is to invest in duct cleaning.

How Do Dirty Ducts Impact Allergies?

Want to know how your home’s ductwork aggravates allergy symptoms? Think about a table that’s covered in dust. If you blow on the table, a bunch of dust will go flying into the air with a lot of it blowing back toward your face. As the dust makes its way into your nasal and throat passageways, it causes you to sneeze and gives you watery, itchy eyes. The same concept applies to your home’s ductwork.

When the ductwork is dirty and the HVAC systems blows air through the ducts, the dust infiltrates your home’s air. As you breathe in the dust, your allergy symptoms become worse. Poor air quality inside your home results in a long list of health concerns, including headaches, sneezing, throat irritations and more.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning for Allergies

Anything and everything from dust mites and pollen to pet dander collect in the ductwork. Duct cleaning removes these airborne allergens along with bacteria and viruses to improve indoor air quality. Not only does duct cleaning make your home’s air healthier to breathe, but it can also remove unpleasant odors.

Another reason to invest in duct cleaning is that it can make your HVAC system operate more efficiently. As dust and other debris coat the inside of the duct system, they restrict airflow. As a result, they make the HVAC system work harder than necessary to heat and cool your home. With duct cleaning, the HVAC system can provide heated and cooled air more effectively and efficiently. This translates to lower heating and cooling expenses because you’re maximizing energy savings.

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