With Las Vegas, Nevada, experiencing scorching hot summers, residents are seeking new ways to save energy. Unsurprisingly, a smart thermostat is high on the list of ways to improve efficiency. Here’s a look at some primary benefits behind installing a smart thermostat in your home.

Easily Design Your Perfect Day

Most people like to sleep cooler at night and warm things up slightly during the day. This is why a smart thermostat is so great. Instead of fidgeting with clunky, outdated wall controls, a smart thermostat makes designing your ideal temperature patterns and schedules easy. You can do it all from a handy smartphone app and update settings on the fly, which is perfect if you’re going on vacation or just staying out late.

Save Money on Energy

There’s a reason smart thermostats are so popular as a means for making your home more comfortable and greener. Depending on the type of HVAC system you hook your thermostat up to, you may be able to set up individual temperature schedules and patterns for various rooms and regions of your home. This makes it so much easier to manage how much you’re spending on energy consumption.

For example, by keeping the living area warmer when it’s unused on summer nights after everyone has gone to bed, you’re not running your HVAC system for no reason. As a result, you save on your energy bill and minimize wear and tear on your air conditioner.

Analyze Your Energy Usage

Another great feature you’ll love about any smart thermostat is the fun statistics and numbers it gives you in the form of reports. These reports can even be emailed to you for easier monitoring of your energy usage. Plus, many apps allow you to set email alerts, like if your thermostat happens to get disconnected from the network or if your home’s temperature goes above or below your ideal range.

Keeping you comfortable and helping you customize your HVAC system is what Sun Country Heating & Cooling is all about. Give us a call at 702-534-3375 to find out more about smart thermostats.

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