If you own a home in Las Vegas, Nevada, you know how critical HVAC is to your comfort. The harsh desert climate demands a system that works. But even if your equipment is the latest and greatest, it won’t be good enough if it isn’t sized correctly for your house. One of the most important determinants of a good system is proper HVAC sizing, which is essential not only for comfort but also keeping utility bills manageable.


No matter what type of HVAC system your home has, it’ll waste valuable energy and space if it’s too large. If it’s too small, it’ll have to run too much to achieve the desired temperature. Underestimating the correct amount of refrigerant for a new system can waste energy as well. Your installer should calculate the amount of refrigerant according to the length of the conduit between your indoor air handler and outdoor unit.


Installation costs are always higher for bigger systems. However, smaller systems have a cost disadvantage too. You could have to pay more for repairs on a unit that’s too small. Since smaller HVAC systems generally run more often, their parts tend to wear out faster. As a result, it’ll shorten the lifespan of the unit. You could also have to deal with expensive breakdowns.


An HVAC system that’s too large can lead to frequent and uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. Your home could also feel hot and stuffy because of high humidity. Air conditioners can only dehumidify the air when they’re on, and larger systems stay on less often. The noise that larger units make as they turn on and off can also be aggravating.

If you think your HVAC system might not be sized correctly, leave the calculations to professionals. Sun Country Heating & Cooling can help you with HVAC sizing or any other heating and air conditioning issues. For outstanding service, give us a call today at 702-534-3375!

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