Your home is your refuge from the soaring temperatures and dry air of Las Vegas. But the air inside your home can cause problems of its own. If you have reason to suspect that your indoor air quality may not be up to snuff, investing in an indoor air quality inspection may be a wise decision. An inspection can help you determine whether your air quality issues are simple nuisances or causes for more concern.

Bad Smells Can Mean Big Problems

Bad smells could be a sign of something more dangerous than a moment of unpleasantness. That’s especially true if you smell chemical odors. Many chemical smells are caused by volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These compounds come from a number of sources. They can cause a diverse array of problems, including persistent headaches, nausea or even cancer. Your indoor air quality inspection can identify VOCs present in your home and identify which are especially dangerous.

What You Can’t Smell Can Hurt You

Carbon monoxide is a common byproduct of fireplaces or gas-powered appliances. It’s a tasteless and odorless chemical that can be lethal in high doses. An inspection will help you determine if the carbon monoxide levels in your home are unsafe. It will also help you pinpoint the source of the problem.

Microbial Growth Can Make Life Miserable

Although microbial growth is more common in humid environments, it can still pollute the air inside your home in desert climates like ours. There may not be much moisture in the air. But your plumbing carries plenty of water to fuel microbial growth, especially if one of your pipes is leaking. If your indoor air quality inspection shows elevated levels of microbial growth, it may be wise to inspect your pipes next.

Indoor air quality is often overlooked. But improving your air can improve your health and quality of life. Before you invest in an air purifier, start with an indoor air quality inspection to identify how to best improve the air in your home. Contact Sun Country Heating & Cooling at 702-534-3375 to schedule yours today.

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